update on Dwayne

dwayne aug 2015 Dwayne and Sharon and their daughter Shannon, met with the Surgeon yesterday ... this was THE date that we were all hoping dad would make it too and was much anticipated.

The good news  - she was very encouraged by how Dwayne is doing. She was expecting him to be much worse based on the reports that she had received. This is very encouraging to us as a family .. he has now passed the "1 month - maybe" life expectancy.

The not so great news but not quite bad news :) .. keeping things as positive as we can!! - until the blood clots have cleared in his lungs there cannot be a surgery. He also has to endure more chemo treatments and each treatment must show a reduction in the size of the tumours. Currently he is still in local hospital and his Oncologist will not continue with the chemo until the blood clot issue in his lungs has resolved. So we are caught a little in a time where the clots really need to be cleared and GO AWAY! and then we need to get him home, get him fatter (he has lost at least 30 pounds in a very short period of time) and get him back into chemo. The good news is that the last round of chemo, which was his only so far, the tumours have seemed to shrink a little as the fluid build up has lessened ... this is encouraging and why we need him to be able to handle a few more rounds of the chemo.

Dwayne does read all his emails and messages and it is so encouraging to read so much love pouring in for him and our family.

Thank you all again so much!

About Dwayne - a cancer story

10154404_10152376323605953_6429646624620157443_n Dwayne, aka the Mayor, loves the Roadhouse! Along with his wife, Sharon, they have owned and operated the Roadhouse since 2002.

Someone recently said love and service describes Dwayne and Sharon, I can testify this is the truth ( I am their youngest daughter Lise).

The beginning of June Dwayne started to feel pressure in his abdomen and consequently had a hernia or so he thought.... a series of events and trips to the ER and tests and more tests led the Dr's to diagnose him with Stage 4 Mesothelioma the beginning of July.

He was given a month to live ... maybe.

Since then the search has been on for any way to help his body fight the cancer and the only hope that the Dr's have offered is a special HIPEC surgery ... he sees the surgeon on the 18th of this month. We are hoping that he is a good candidate for this surgery.

Of course Dwayne and Sharon being of great hope and Faith people they have been holding on to that Faith and their stand and believing for a miracle.

This faith is quite something to witness.

The love that has been pouring in has been so overwhelming. People that have known this couple over 40 years ago have been sending messages of prayer support and love. Customers and new friends have also been sending in their encouragements and love .. it is amazing to all of us this outpouring ... the simple fact is Dwayne (and Sharon) touched a lot of people's lives and the love being returned is heart warming for us all.

Dwayne with just some of his family October 2014

Currently Dwayne is at our local hospital receiving care and trying to not hate the food :)  ... we take him what food he wants and is able to eat so handy having access to a restaurant at this time for him ... he has developed blood clots in his lungs which is a side effect from the cancer. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight and after his first dose of chemo became quite dehydrated and so between that and his blood oxygen levels being low and now the blood clots he is staying in the hospital. He is scheduled for another round of chemo on the 21st... almost a week after the date he was given as an approximation to live.

Dwayne has a bit of a fight ahead of him still ... the surgery gives a 50% success rate while traditional chemo for this cancer is only a 2% success rate ... so we are hoping that he will be a strong candidate for this procedure and we know it won't be easy on his body. Up until the past few months he has been a very healthy 69 year old man.

Dwayne and Sharon in Oregon July 2015

Dwayne is a fighter!!

He is an example of strength and it is such an honour to be this man's daughter. I also have had the privilege of working him for many years! He loves the restaurant, loves the staff, loves being part of the community and loves the people that come in to the restaurant. He cares deeply and is generous to all. He designed the restaurant and the walls, decor and the treasure cave are ALL soooo much my dad! Everywhere you look in the restaurant you see Dwayne (and literally there is painting of him in the Atrium that a local artist surprised him with and donated to us.. you MUST check it out!).

In this battle he is in he is concerned about others... concerned about his roommate at the hospital that his visitors will disturb her, concerned that he is a burden to us, his family, having to take care and help him with pretty much all tasks right now,  ... he thinks of others before himself. He is so caring and loving!

My sister Shannon and I have been updating Facebook as much as we can on our own pages and there is a little  blurb on the Roadhouse Facebook Page as well. I will do my best to update here as I can and when there is new information to post.

Dwayne and Sharon and the rest of the family want to thank you all so much for all the love and support and the prayers! It truly has been amazing to be on the receiving end of all the love.

At this time it is hit and miss.. mostly miss.. as to visiting with Dwayne but if you would like to email him he would love to hear from you  dwayne.jacobson@gmail.com .... please do not expect a response but please know he will read it or it will be read to him. For now it is a lot for him to talk at times and he is easily tired so we are reserving his visits with family only for the most part!


Thank you thank you thank you again for making it so easy to be part of this community!



2014 Christmas Dinner for the kids

Christmas 2014 santa and elves christmas 2014 santa and parentsThis past Monday evening we prepared the Turkey's and all the trimmings and used our special connections to bring in Santa early this year! This was our 3rd year working together with Avalon and Sources! For 7 years before that we worked together with the local Rotary Club and the Children's Development Centre.

We were prepared for 41 Adults and 60 Children this year! Presents bought and wrapped and volunteers organized to serve the Turkey Dinner.

This year is the most I, Lise,  have been involved with it .. cuz my parents, owners Dwayne and Sharon, went away for the weekend so it was left to me to buy the gifts for the kids on the list and organize the toys ... I had a list of names gender and ages... I found it a bit stressful! how was I supposed to know what the perfect gift would be for that kid? I didn't want any child to be disappointed!

Then as I was there cuz when I do something I like to follow it through to the end! and I wanted to make sure that no one was missed even though I checked the list twice! a 12 year old girl opened her gift of the game "apples to apples" and the entire family of 6 started screaming and bouncing up and down on their chairs ... the mom looked at me and said we have been wanting that game for 2 years now but it just wasn't in our budget!... ok I have had tight times but I have never been in a position where my kids wanted something like a $25 board game and I couldn't get it for them for 2 years!!.. a huge reality check! ... and I told her oh I am so glad you all like it!! the teens all had huge smiles on their faces... then a little while later the 15 year old girl opened her gift which was a $50 gift card to Walmart... the mom and dad started to cry... the mom jumped up and hugged me saying thank you thank you thank you thank you over and over and then said into my ear "that's my entire Christmas budget this year. I was just diagnosed with a brain tumour and I am dying" ... ok so now I was crying as well!

THIS is why we do this!!

It is better to GIVE then to receive!! a firm belief and foundation that the owners of the Roadhouse live by and an amazing thing to be a part of!

We also want to send a big thank you out to GFS who donated the Turkey's, Potatoes and Vegetable Melody this year!!! so THANK YOU!!!

Merry Christmas!


Boutique Weddings

Over the past couple of years we have catered quite a few weddings of all styles and sizes. Recently we catered a wedding in a local park and the menu was a Burger Bar!! this Sat (September 13/2014) we are catering another wedding at the same location and it too is a Burger Bar!! There really are no rules to Wedding Food! At least not any more!

What we are seeing trending is a way more relaxed casual approach to Wedding Receptions. Couples are not looking for the formal traditional aspects of a Wedding Reception and I think we all agree on good riddance to the nasty Fruit Cake!!

When I, Lise, meet with the Wedding couple to go over what they are wanting for their Reception I ask them the following questions:

Do you have a theme? ~ if you, the couple, are not sure what you are wanting for food  or even style wise try to think of a general theme.. then you can start narrowing it down and it really does help with all the options as there are so many to choose from these days! It is best to have a general idea before you meet with all the Wedding Professionals! I have spent a lot of time with couples who simply don't care how things go, and I mean they are so laid back that they really are not concerned with details, and I have met with couples that give me lists of their lists and they are consumed with the details. There is a balance in all of this and a good Professional will gently guide you along the way. I suggest relaxing a little about all the details, as at the end of the day if something doesn't go exactly according to the plan, it's ok!! cuz no one will have known the plan and be none the wiser!! Guests attending the Wedding are happy to be there, at least we hope so :) ... and are not going to chide the Wedding couple for a missed cue at the speeches or not having different wine glasses for red and white wine .. plastic cups maybe :) relax and plan the day for what YOU want it to be!! What are your favourite foods? ~ do not worry about accommodating everyone's diets or wishes, you simply are not going to please everyone 100% and honestly.. it's not their day nor are they paying for it :) cheeky maybe, but it's the truth, so take some pressure off! In fact take a lot of pressure off!

What is your budget? ~ it is a good idea to know this before meeting with your potential Caterer!! :) it is also good to be aware of what the general going rates are! A typical Wedding day for a caterer is at least a 12 hour day!! at least! and that is not including the prep time the day before nor the amount of organizational time. If you are budget conscious .. and really who isn't these days?! there are budget friendly options out there!

Speaking of budget friendly options .... we have one for you!! oh come on don't tell me you didn't see this coming :)

Here at the Roadhouse we have rooms that perfectly accommodate Boutique Wedding Receptions... and yes Boutique is a fancy word for smaller :) In our "Retro Dinning Room" we can hold up to 70 people and can hold up to 45 people in our "Deco Dinning Room".  From relaxed to sophisticated our rooms cater to all!

This is the best part ... our prices are affordable :) and our Prime Rib IS the best in town so hey!! the food is amazing! We will customize a menu with you just as we do when we cater off-site. We have tablecloths and candle holders and set the whole room up for you.. and it being in our restaurant that means we also clean it all up!! most halls you have to either remove your own garbage or pay up to $20/bag, it all adds up! There are a lot of savings to be had doing an in-house Special Event.

We really are a great alternative and not just Budget wise! Being a local family owned and operated Restaurant we have created a family feel environment with exquisite delicious food and quality service to ensure your Wedding Reception is FABULOUS!!

Call Lise today to set up a meeting 604-531-3167 or email lise@roadhousegrille.ca




Mother's Day

This is what Wikipedia has to say about Mother's Day "Mother's Day is a celebration honouring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in spring. The modern holiday of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia. She then began a campaign to make "Mother's Day" a recognized holiday in the United States. Although she was successful in 1914, she was already disappointed with its commercialization by the 1920s. Jarvis' holiday was adopted by other countries and it is now celebrated all over the world. In this tradition, each person offers a gift, card, or remembrance toward their mothers, grandmothers, and/ or maternal figure on mother's day. "

I became a mother in 1994 and my world was forever changed...for the better :)

lise and morgan 1995I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I am so blessed to have 4 beautiful daughters! My life is full and rich and I am deeply thankful.

lise family recent 2014

(didn't mean to cut off my soon to be son-in-laws head but my picture resizing skills are being put to the test currently!)

The reason why I wanted to be a mom is mostly due to this woman

sharon recent This is my adventurous, amazing, loving, giving and pretty much overall defines the word "mom". Having her as my mom was one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received.

My mom was born in Saskatchewan in 1942 ... she is the second oldest of 5 children, born to a musician and the love of his life, a stay at home mom or now they say a domestic engineer!, my mom probably learned to dance before she could walk! My mom was a natural leader and trust me she has raised her 4 daughters to be leaders as well! She played the saxophone, was a pink lady, jacket and all, and the pitcher of her softball team just to name a few .. She was a model and an entrepreneur and is the most beautiful smart business savy woman I know today!

sharon walkingI like to think of her as the modern day "Unsinkable Molly Brown" ... my mother is more then a survivor! she is a more then a conqueror!

Besides having her own 4 daughters to raise my mom took on many more "daughters" over the years. Our house was always open and trust me it was always full! From cousins to her own siblings, lost souls and people just needing to stay while they attended a better school, her house and her heart were open to loving so many. I know there are many people out there who have been touched and forever changed by my mothers incredible Mothers Heart.

Jacobson family



I love my mom and am so thankful for her input and guidance she has poured into my life.

sharon and lise oldie(1995)sharon and lise recent(2014)


I have tried my best to live out the examples she has set for me and to model my parenting style after hers. She has always been there for me and today she is also not only my mother but one of my very best friends!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Sharon, who just happens to own the Roadhouse Grille (with my dad, Dwayne, of course) and does a pretty amazing job at it as well :)

Love your lala (aka Lise)


catering, a love story

You might be asking yourself why should we consider the Roadhouse to Cater our next event? :0) and my answer would be ....... We simply LOVE what we do ... and it shows!

The menu is customised to your taste and your needs, no strict you must choose one of these options and no "we know best" attitudes. This is your event, your special day ... we want to prepare the foods that YOU want to serve!

Our food is prepared FRESH .... we will never serve a frozen vegetable .. E.V.E.R. we select fresh and local when we can and prepare it to our high standards that the Roadhouse Grille is known for. Our Executive Chef is simply amazing! Over 30 years experience and probably the nicest man you will ever meet. Young simply makes amazing food that transports well and never disappoints!

roadhousegrillecatering coconut prawns

Service is part of our DNA, our catering staff love to serve and again it shows! We love watching couples celebrate at their Wedding Receptions, kiss at their 50th Wedding Anniversaries and carry ourselves with dignity and respect at Celebration of Live's. We are professional and yet very personal and easy to work with.

Our prices, we offer very competitive pricing! Have a strict budget? let us work with you to come up with a menu/options that fit perfectly into your budget! We do NOT charge an auto gratuity, and I think you will find that is rare!, we feel that a tip should be earned not expected! **(corporate functions excluded)

Combine all this together and you have a local family owned and operated South Surrey Restaurant that gives 150%.



Next time you are shopping for a caterer think Roadhouse Grille! We would love to meet with you and prepare a quote/proposal for you free of charge and tailor a menu special just for you!

call 604-531-3167 email info@roadhousegrille.ca



Wine O'Clock at the Roadhouse

One of the fun challenges of running a restaurant is keeping current with the latest Wine trends! Us West Coasters LOVE our wine and we here at the Roadhouse Grille are no exception! Having a good wine that pairs perfectly with your food just adds that zen to your day. Speaking of Zen :) we have added a Zinfandel to our Wine Menu! 7 Deadly Zins is from Michael David Winery. It's a rich deep robust wine FULL of flavours, including rich berry and  spice that just explode in your mouth, it's a MUST try! It would pair well with BBQ flavours, it is that good!! Pair it with our Rib Eye Steak and a side of our homemade Corn Bread! you won't be disappointed! This is a quickly growing favourite wine amongst self proclaimed Wine lovers! This is the write up from the BC Liquor Stores

 "One of the best vintages in recent memory. Vibrant ruby in colour with lots of rich earth and dark berry aromas on the nose. Bright raspberry, cranberry fruit, with some warm spice on the lingering finish. The silk-smooth tannins hold the wine together and deliver a soft, fruit-driven experience. It's a blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot aged 15 months in American oak. Pairs well with red meat, bold cheeses and great for barbecued dishes."

Bend in the River Riesling from Germany is one of our 2 new Whites here at the Roadhouse Grille. Riesling is a sweeter white, which is Owner Dwayne's favourite wine. If you are looking for a no-fail White Wine to pair with then a Riesling is the perfect wine! It pairs very well with most cheeses, appetizers, spicy Thai, salads, porks, Mexican ... basically it goes well with anything!! Here is a description of the Bend in the River Riesling:

"The aroma is that of lively lemon and lime zest, with softer herbal notes throughout. Bright in color, the clear, golden straw hue of this Riesling is a visual accompaniment to a crunchy green apple and grapefruit taste. It is ripe and juicy with a dry yet fresh finish."

The last of our new wines that we recently added to our Roadhouse Grille Wine Menu was Grey Monk Estate Winery's Pinot Blanc. We didn't currently have a Pinot Blanc on our Wine Menu and upon tasting it during our little search, which is a GREAT perk by the way! tasting wines as part of your job would be on anyone's job wish list!, we knew instantly that this wine had to be a part of our list. It's always a joy to support BC Wines and this Wine would be perfect with our Chicken Schnitzel or our Pasta dishes! Here is the description of the wine from Gray Monk:

"Pale straw in colour, this wine has a fruity aroma suggesting pears, herbs and light spice. It is packed with fresh and sweet fruit flavours, including ripe pears, apples and melons. Supple and full in texture, the wine has a dry finish. Serve chilled with seafood, poultry or mild cheese. "

Just 3 more reasons to visit us here at the Roadhouse Grille soon!!


Being Community Minded

Lately we have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of some Community giving back events! Last night we catered a Christmas Dinner for Pacific Community Church and their Cloverdale Kitchen Project. We fed 60 people who are less then privileged and some literally homeless, a Prime Rib dinner with all the fixings.  Lise, Jess and Hailey all had a great time working with all the volunteers and it was a heart warming experience for sure. The gratefulness of those that came was overwhelming. The gentleman that organized it is only 31 years old and has been working with the soup kitchen for 6 years! seeing young people giving back so selflessly is inspiring. Thank you to Pacific Community Church for having us come be a part of what you are doing... we certainly hope to work with you again in the future.

Monday night, Dec 16, the Roadhouse hosted it's 12th Christmas Children's dinner. This year our guests were from Sources BC and Avalon Recovery Society.  This is an email we received from Cindy who is a director at Avalon

"Dwayne, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing evening you gave to our families on Monday night.

The meal was amazing as usual, but the look on the children faces when you came out with gifts for each one of them, was by far the highlight.

I am very, grateful to you, and so are the many Moms and Dads that attended. I am still hearing about it.

Bless your big heart!

Merry Christmas


 Cindy Faulkner Morrison Centre Manager

We served 72 people with 44 of them being children, all the children received a toy and even Santa showed up to hand them out.

Santa (our very own Dwayne) and his Elves ( 2 of his granddaughters )

This year we also have worked with the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, we are donating $.50 from each customer bill from October 15 to 31st. We believe in working together as a community to ensure we have the best hospital our community can have.

Thank you to all our partners/customers that helped us in our endeavours to being good neighbours and being community minded.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Magnum Consulting Inc .. passing it on!

In 2010/2011 The Roadhouse Companies hired a dynamic Director of Business Development ... a wonderful lady named Janice Martin! Janice brought a new and fresh perspective to the Roadhouse team! She is full of energy, positive energy, and takes challenges head on! She was encouraging to our Management Team and helped us make important changes and really step into our roles.

For me personally, ( I am Lise btw!)  she became a life long friend. She helped me to see things in my personal life that I couldn't see.... she was gentle yet assertive and how she helps guide people along in their personal lives she also does in business situations.

She is a genuine person and it's exciting watching her embark her business with the same gusto she lives her life!

Magnum Consulting Inc is her company in which she helps business find their footings, gives them tools and helps from sourcing the smallest details to landing large viable accounts and so much more!

Magnum is putting on a Lunch and Learn  coming up November 26th and you won't be disappointed! and it's free!!! how many things are free today? and you can add to your business and your own personal life!!! WIN WIN WIN situation!!

Recent Review

The following is a recent review we received for a catering we did earlier this month!
McJac's Roadhouse Grille
Attention: Lise
Adam and Allison's wedding August 3, 2013
Lise, we would like to thank you and your staff for providing the catering service for our families...
Wedding celebration for Adam and Allison:
Your care and professionalism shone throughout our special day.
The attention to detail was appreciated and noticed.
The menu was delivered as promised and quality was excellent.
There were many compliments at the reception about its home cooked presentation .
We would like to take this opportunity to personally recommend your service to anyone who is thinking about using your Company.
Kind Regards,
Rita, Bill, Patti and Don
chacuritieplatter I took the above pictures from my phone.. so excuse the quality!! we had so much fun catering this wedding!! this family is just one great happy fun bunch of people and so it made catering for them a true joy!!
Thank you so much for having us cater for you! it was an honour to be a part of your celebration!! Sincerely Lise! 


roadhousegrillecatering coconut prawns Last Saturday, July 20th.. we catered a wedding reception in a lovely couples back yard/house. They are a local couple who have found a second chance at love and since they got married abroad they wanted to celebrate at home with their friends and loved ones in a cozy laid back setting.. in their home! And what a setting it was!! unfortunately I was busy making the 150 jumbo Coconut Prawns and didn't take the chance to take pictures of how they decorated their back yard cuz it was simply beautiful! not over done.. cheery happy and very much a reflection of themselves!!

roadhousegrillecatering vegg in shot glasses

After first meeting with the Bride, Wendy, I knew that I was going to love working for her! she is a beautiful person and I was so thrilled when she accepted our quote/proposal! There is something so amazing about being a part of such a happy occasion!

roadhousegrillecatering smoked salmon mousse

When she told me her vision for her reception we started talking appetizers and doing things not the “norm”, no layout of ordinary veggie and fruit platters… so we came up with a menu with a twist to old faithful’s!! Instead of veggie platters we did a fresh assortment of vegg served in a shot glass with our home-made dip at the bottom!! guests didn’t have to awkwardly serve themselves and carry around a messy plate with dip slopping on their other foods :)

roadhousegrillecatering watermelon goat cheese

It's so much fun creating special and unique menus with our clients! This is one of the reasons we do not have a "set" catering menu! Basically if you can think it... we can create it! We are not limited to any menu's and having the talented creative staff that we have enables us to do pretty much anything!!

roadhousegrillecatering pulled pork

One tip when planning your wedding reception or 50th Wedding Anniversary.. whatever the occasion might be .. this is YOUR special day... pick the foods that YOU love!! don't worry about the gluten free :) or even allergy people I dare say!! (although it's good to know if people have deadly allergies so we can alert them!) there is always something they can eat and it's all about YOU!! trying to please everyone is a battle that is lost before it's even started!

Pick your favourite foods... pick a theme if that helps you narrow down your favourite foods! if you are like me you have too many to choose from :) and picking a theme such as "west coast" or "finger foods" will help you to narrow it down!

Most importantly enjoy your special day!! let those that you have hired do their job and just enjoy yourself!

Wishing Wendy and Terry a lifetime of happiness and joy! It was such a pleasure and honour, thank you for the opportunity! we loved catering your wedding reception!!

Lise and Roadhouse Staff!

Diamond in the Rock 2013

The Roadhouse has entered  its 17th year in serving  our community with great wholesome food,  friendly service and wonderful  local  entertainment.   There are several not-for-profit organizations supported by the Roadhouse Restaurant and Bakery.

We want you to be informed of some recent events as well as one that should spark your interest.



The Third “Diamond in the Rock Youth Talent Search” ended this past Sunday evening with a full house at Blue Frog Studios in White Rock.  The 11 youth competing were absolutely awesome, a wonderful highly talented group of young people. Each Wednesday evening for all of April and May 3 to 4 young people were judged on their performance with the week’s winner going onto the final.  The Winner of this year’s “Diamond in the Roc” are twins, Alanna & Brianne (14 years).







Diamond in the Rock  2013






For more on this go to www.whiterocksun.com and check out the Night Owl section.

You may have already seen the Twins perform on the Weekends at the Roadhouse and if not check out our entertainment schedule.  Several more of these talented Youth will be featured on Friday and Saturday evenings.

OPEN MIC for youth 19 years and younger living in the South Surrey/White Rock area STARTS again the LAST WEDNESDAY EVENING between 7pm and 9pm June 26th and continues each last Wednesday  of the month.  A great opportunity to gain experience and provide great entertainment for our Guests.

The Roadhouse offers a unique atmosphere in several different eating areas.  The Deco Dining Room, Lounge, Retro Room, Atrium and Patio.  Great for private special functions.  We CATER, weddings, birthdays and more. . .






The Roadhouse Grille will protect each Guest’s email address.  If you do not want to receive further emails from the Roadhouse please notify the undersigned and you will be removed from our data base.

For those staying on with us Thank you.  We appreciate the support we have received in the Community and we look for ways to give back.

Yours truly

Dwayne & Sharon Jacobson, Lise Houweling , Chef Young and Staff

McJac’s Roadhouse Grille Restaurant

A Peninsula Love Story

Recently the Peace Arch News, our local and amazing newspaper, asked me, Lise, and my husband Paul, if we would be willing to be interviewed for an article in their 2013 Wedding Showcase insert. They had seen a few pictures as my dad, Dwayne, was showing them off and they had wanted to do an article this year on a more "mature" bride...uh hem since I am 38 I now fall into that "mature" category! Paul and I agreed and viola Melissa S interviewed us separately and did an amazing job telling our story.

I feel so blessed and honoured not only to have met Paul and been given such a HUGE second chance at love I never thought I would have, but also by the emails and responses I have been receiving letting us know how our story inspired them and brings hope. I have to say that that really is what life is all about.. at least a big part of it! sharing our stories one with another and inspiring others through our trials and victories!

Thank you to the Peace Arch News and Melissa for sharing our story!

Paul and Lise wedding article



Happy Birthday to us

February 1st marks the Roadhouse Grille's 16th Birthday! In a day and age where corporate is king and the little guys are becoming smaller we are SO very grateful for our 16 years.

To celebrate our Birthday we are offering a special 16 day Birthday menu with items 2 for $16  from Feb 1 to Feb 16. This 16 Day Birthday Menu features items from our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menus.

Check out our Birthday Ad in the Peace Arch News and the Now Newspaper for a contest entry form to win a $160 Gift Card to the Roadhouse Grille!

Also make your reservations today 604-531-3167 for Valentine's Day Dinner Feb 14th 5-8pm with a special menu and LIVE music!!! Romance at the Roadhouse! <3

We wish to thank all our customers for 16 amazing years! we look forward to continuing to serve you for generations to come!


New Beginnings

The Roadhouse is in my DNA ... I think it's pretty safe to say that it's my second home! and so when Paul proposed and we started planning our wedding I knew there was no other place I wanted the Reception to be other then here at the Roadhouse. 130 of our closest friend and family... some family  travelled very far to be here with us! joined us as we celebrated our New Beginnings together as Mr and Mrs Houweling.  I never imagined that I would make a second trip down the aisle and I never imagined that there was a man as kind gentle loving and overall amazing as Paul but he continues to smash my "nevers" into a thousand wonderful pieces. My wedding day was perfect as the sun decided to come out and shine on us in a string of typical rainy days... it was amazing. The reception at the Roadhouse was exactly how we wanted it to be.. no head table.. no formal structure... just an evening of amazing company with delicious food (we had Prime Rib cuz honestly it IS the best in town) and had an absolute blast dancing (yes we can fit a dance floor in our retro room)... it was perfect.

Thank you to all who came and supported us and for those who couldn't be here but sent your love ... we are so blessed! We are so excited to be married and walking our new journey together, hand in hand, side by side... exactly where we know God wants us to be!


Christmas Memories

It's that time of year again, when people smile a little bigger, they open doors for others and hopefully don't have parking lot rage :0) It's a time of reflection and making amends.  With the New Year approaching it's a time for taking stock of ones life and making positive changes. For me, Lise, it's also a time for walking down Christmas Memory Lane.

Growing up we didn't believe in Santa... we were raised in a pretty Christian household and Santa just wasn't a part of the belief system. We did get a stocking though filled with oranges and a candy cane and 1 present.. we were allowed to run down when we woke up and get our stocking. My sister, Shannon, who is closest in age to me (I am the youngest of 4 girls), and I would eat our oranges, suck on our candy cane...which did NOT taste so good at first after the oranges :) and sneak carefully under the tree to try to squeeze shake and poke our Christmas presents... the excitement and anticipation was palpable in the air! We would gingerly try to wake up our parents... ok I say gingerly they may say loudly and irritatingly... so they would wake up and we could start the day!

Our mom and dad would make breakfast together...poached eggs and toasted Christmas Bread (the big wreath bread with the candied "fruit" and nuts in it! we still have that same Christmas Breakfast every year! oh and I wouldn't be me without doing a shameless plug for the Bakery which makes this wonderful Christmas Wreath Bread! ) and we would get our Christmas dresses on and wait for the family to arrive. We have a BIG family and dinner was usually at our house. I can remember sitting backwards on the couch looking out the window anxiously awaiting the arrival of more family.

The house would fill with people... the windows would get all steamed up as the Christmas dinner and all the people would fill our house with warmth. The smell of turkey will forever be stamped with a feeling of warmth happiness and contentment.

Opening presents would happen after dinner, which at times would mean the dinner tables would stretch out the entire length of our living and dining rooms put together! One of my favourite Christmas memories was the year my mom bought herself a nightie.. a decent one there were children present! and wrapped it up and gave it to my dad for a Christmas present.. my dad opened it held it up to himself and started laughing the only way my dad laughs.. he could hardly see through the tears he was shedding as he belly laughed himself off the couch and slid on to the floor... the rest of us were laughing so hard we were crying as well. I will never forget the way my mom laughed at her good joke and my dads response. Love and laughter were in the air.


(my dad, Dwayne and I last Christmas)

From my family to yours Merry Christmas and may the Reason for the Season reign in your lives!


The Journey continues in to the USA

Sharon and I presently are on the Cruise out of Galveston. Our travel from the Maritimes to Galveston had many wonderful experiences.

Maine offered beautiful small towns and seaside resorts.  It was here that Sandra left us and headed west.  Not sure where she is now but she has no problem travelling alone (well not completely - she has Lacey with her) and no problem meeting people. Glenn and Darlene Gregory of Thunder Bay and ourselves carry on in tandem. New Hampshire - again beautiful scenery and a before you know it you've gone through it.

Massachusetts - We drove into Boston and walked around the Freedom trail, had lunch at Dick's then on the road again but this time to Cap Cod and an overnight stay close to the beach.  Absolutely Beautiful.  The girls (Sharon and Darlene) and Cooper tried out the water in Cap Cod Bay. The next day we stopped in Providence for lunch.  Delightful old city.

Connecticut - also offered beautiful scenery and drove right on our way to the RV camp site in Jersey City.

New York - Well both Glenn and myself, fully reliant on the GPS, found ourselves driving on a road that soon became restricted to vehicles as high as ours. We turn off and find ourselves in the Bronx, dodging traffic and train trestle structures. After what seemed like hours we were on 3rd avenue which became Park Avenue, a trip through the arched opening in the Met Life building onto a raised roadway leading us down onto Broadway Ave amongst hundreds of yellow cabs - rush hour traffic - and no where to turn off (side streets read "Cars Only" ) - By now we have spent close to 2 hours in New York Traffic on streets restricting RV's - Glenn following me went through several red lights in order to stay right behind.  Police were in sight of several of his infractions but did nothing. We get to the entrance of Holland Tunnel and see the sign "NO CAMPERS _ NO PROPANE" and there's a police officer just to the left of us. We both hop out of our coaches and turn our propane tanks off.  The cop leaves his car and walks across in front of us into a small building - not looking back at all.  We proceed through the tunnel to Jersey City - get into the camp site and flop - recounting the just finished journey.

New York - we take the sub into the city delivering us at Ground Zero.  We tour the site - very very interesting. Next we take a sub to Times Square and walk around gazing at the billboards and people.  Lunch then a walk to Central Park where we take a horse and buggy tour of the Park. Wow!  much bigger than ever imagined and so much going on inside. This is a DO NOT MISS this part of the City.  We head back to our Jersey site then take a very long walk to the waterfront looking over at New York skyline , Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty.  Then a long walk to a Cuban restaurant for a delightful meal.  It has been 2 very full days. New Jersey to Gettysburg where we camped and then toured the Battlefield the next day.  I found my rear brakes were failing and spent that night camped in the rear parking lot of the Brake shop.  We spent more time touring Gettysburg while waiting for the finished work on the coach.  Work done around 4;30 pm then on the road again.

West Virginia - beautiful rolling hills - run into a thunderstorm that almost stops all traffic.

Pigeon Forge, Tenn. - we camp here for 2 nights - spend a good part of the day in Dolly wood and take in the Dolly wood Stampede show. All very enjoyable.  Do a window shopping walk around the town in Gatlinburg before on the road to Nashville. We arrive in Nashville Sunday to find no Grand Ole Opry until Tuesday - so we miss it but head down town to dine and listen to those wanting to make it in the music business.  Make a stop at Coyote Ugly - and although the servers may be pretty the place is downright Ugly.  After several other stops we head back to camp to rest our bodies. Leaving Nashville we take a secondary road that takes us through residential (estate) neighbourhoods and small towns, countryside - very scenic and much better than on the free-ways.  We are headed for Harvest, Alabama where Glenn has a generator door waiting.  We arrive at Kerry's place where I swap the rear 2 right tires (one is wearing too much on the outer edge).  We look over Kerry's handiwork in formed aluminium.  Amazing work.  A heavy rain downfall then sunshine.  We are on our way again headed for New Orleans. Walmart - here we spend our first night dry camping in their parking lot. OK except for the garbage truck at 4am.

New Orleans:  we find a lovely camp site at a marina and tour the French Quarters, find a free outdoor music fest in the Financial portion of the City then walk another 1/2 mile to a Cajun Dine and Dance restaurant.  Great food, music and fun dancing. Swamp Tour - the final day we are together we take a Swamp tour - where we get to see more than a dozen 5 to 6 year old alligator's, some turtles, Birds, and an Armadillo.  Nice trip.  A lunch together then we say our good byes with Glenn and Darlene headed East to Florida and ourselves West to Galveston. Our time with Glenn, Darlene and Cooper has been rich.  We have loved their company, humour,  cook off's, crib games, tours and relaxing times.

Galveston Island.  We take the trip from the east that takes us across to the island by ferry.  We find a camp site on the far west end of the Island where they allow us to store the Coach - plugged in,  while we cruise.  We spent Saturday driving around Galveston, walking the beach and having lunch at a beach side restaurant.  Awesome beach that goes for miles and miles. The owners have built this camp site up over the past 7 years to include, a pond with fountain, a mini-golf game, outdoor theatre  horse back riding, tame ducks, palm trees, full service with picnic benches. To add to all this they drove us to the cruise ship terminal and will also pick us up next Sunday morning.
We have travelled more than 10,000 miles so far. -- Dwayne and Sharon Jacobson White Rock BC 77 Kingsley

Last Blog Post from Across Canada trip

This report covers out time in Newfoundland, return to Nova Scotia and New BrunswickThank you for all those who help make this a wonderful experience for Sharon and I.  I hope we have been a blessing to you as well. Thank you

I am writing this while camped in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. having driven here today from Gettysburg where we spent 2 days.  It was there that I discovered no fluid in the master brake cylinder serving the rear brakes.  I imagine I had been driving the last few thousand miles with only front brakes. Well all 4 rear received new seals, riveted shoes, wheel cylinders and bearings greased.  The parking brake does nothing. What a difference. And to think back to driving some of those hills, city streets, the Bronx, New York . . . . . . . . .

Across Canada Rolling Rally – Last leg in Canada

We finally boarded the overnight ferry (the short northerly route) to Newfoundland. Warning – if you are going on the overnight one make sure to book a state room well ahead of your sailing date.  The reclining seats only partially recline and not far enough to be comfortable for sleeping.  The cost for this ferry and the return one (Longer route) was just over $1000.00 for our 26 ft coach, 2 passengers, reclining seats on the shorter route (6hr) and a state room on the long route 16 hr).

We stopped in Corner Brook for some brake fluid. Coming into the plaza I spotted what I thought was a guy I know from White Rock.  I run after him, calling his name and whistling.  He stops his rented RV and looks at me with surprise written all over his face.  Soon his wife comes out from the store and again the surprise effect.  They tell us of their ventures on the Island sharing places that are a must see.

We arrive in our Deer Lake campsite for the first evening.  Stopped next morning in Rocky Point to buy tickets for the Boat cruise in Western Pond in Gros Morne Nat’l Park and headed for it.  Sandy decided not to join the Gregory’s and ourselves and went on to Cow Head where she would secure a campsite for us plus buy tickets to the evening live play.

Western Pond – to get there you hike in approx 3 km.  The boat holds about 50, and it was full. The trip into the Fjord was fairly smooth, bits of wind and the odd wave coming aboard.  A beautiful scenic  tour.  High rock cliffs on both sides, waterfalls cascading down the rock face in several locations.  Roughly a

1 ½ hr one way ride.  On the return the wind had increased and swells of 3 to 4 ft occurring with many

Leaping on board soaking those on deck.  Both Darlene and Sharon got soaked just before we docked.  A delightful tour and recommend it to those who visit the Island.


It was a wet night in Cow Head and a entertaining play by 2 local actors.  The next morning we headed north on the Viking Trail arriving at the tip of the Island where we toured the Museum and grounds of where the Vikings landed 400 yrs before Columbus.  This is very well presented and worth the trip.

For the evening we headed into St. Anthony’s, ate at a local restaurant (OK) (Sandra did not join us but decided to head to our campsite.  She got about ½ mile and her coach quit on her.  Start, run a bit then quit.  We found her by the side of the road and tried to figure out what the problem was.  She spent the night there in a parking lot and the next day had it towed to a local garage that discovered after 2hrs that it was a dirty fuel filter (one by the carb.).  We in the meantime did some shopping and a lunch out by the Lighthouse.  Had Cod Cakes and beans, excellent!


It took us a couple days to get into St. John’s and stayed in the RV park located in the city.  Darlene and Sharon walked  to the downtown waterfront and got Screech –in  at Trapper John’s.  Glenn and I spend a day and half caulking the coaches.  We finally made it down to the waterfront in our coach and found parking and our wives, walked around the waterfront area and had a meal.  Finding our way back home was a bit of trial and error.

The next day we made our way to the ferry that took us back to Nova Scotia.

We very much enjoyed Newfoundland however the architecture I had envisioned was not there having been replaced with a coating of Vinyl Siding.  I realize the homes would now be better insulated and comfortable but I would have liked to have seen more thought go into the selection of materials and colours.


Back in Nova Scotia we were met by Hugh and Rosemary Macdougall driving their 78 Palm Beach.

They joined us as guides to Peggy’s Cove where we camped.  From there we toured Peggy’s Cove,

Part of the cottage coast line and Halifax.  We took in a great tour of the Alexander Keith Brewery, shopped, and ate some more great seafood chowder.  We continued together to Lunenburg where we were joined by Corwin and Rose Marie Hirtle of Bridgewater in their 77 Hughes GMC 2600.  We spent the day touring the waterfront, shops, café’s, horse and buggy ride and viewing the work in progress of the Blue Nose.  That evening we shared a lovely campsite meal together.  It really was delightful spending the time with these two couples.  Hopefully we will meet again and enjoy more time together.

After saying our – until we meet again – we headed for the Digby Ferry that would take us on a 3 ½ hr trip in the Bay of Fundy to Saint John, NB.

Upon arrival in NB we followed the GPS plus phone instructions to Adam Raeburn’s residence where we

spent  the night camped

in their front driveway.  What a wonderful family.  Our time there was short but enough to see the many projects Adam has done, underway, starting and dreaming of.

Our last stop in NB was St. Andrews by the Sea.  Visited the street market where we tasted the local fare, I had my hair cut, the dogs got their exercise and then we were off to the USA.

That ended the trip in Canada.  I highly recommend you do it at least once.


Dwayne & Sharon Jacobson   White Rock, BC  77 Kingsley

Glenn & Darlene Gregory  Thunder Bay, Ont.  76 Glenbrook

Sandra Shull  Seattle, Wash  76 23 ft.


Travel Blog post Maritime Style

I must state that there was a stirring in my inner man about getting into the Maritime.  Sharon and I both look forward to it not knowing really what it would be like, however we both did have some preconceived ideas of what it was like, gathered from advertising brochures, TV stories, the Internet and friends who had been there.  We are so glad we did experience some of the culture, environment and best of all, the people.  We met such wonderful people, developed friendships that we look forward to sharing in the future.  A special Thank You to Mr. Black who put together the Black List, and those who set up up the GMC Net and maintain it.  These sources put us in touch with remarkable individuals, their spouses and families. They took us in and treated us as close friends, opened their homes, fed us, helped do maintenance work on the coaches, sourced our itineraries, guided us, allowed us to camp on their property and some even spent time rolling along with us.
The GMC family is a great family to belong to!
For those we met along the journey in other parts of Canada, you too fit right in the same limelight.  Thank you.
We left Quebec City the morning of September 2nd.  We were short of groceries but being Labour Day all stores were closed - even into New Brunswick.  A stop in Hartland to drive our coaches through the longest covered bridge in the World then onto Woodstock to camp.  The next day we drove to Antigonish, right into the City and onto the College Campus while being chased by Hugh MacDougall. Hugh got us turned around and guided us to Michael and Lorraine Beaton's estate.  Wonderful welcome, talked about GMC's of course. I ran Sharon into town for a laundry turn while the others went to work on maintenance issues.  Michael coached Sandra doing a oil and oil filter change.  Glenn went abut to replace an axle boot but found the clamp had moved out of position.  That evening we piled into our coach and off to Richard and Alena Wilgenhof's (GMC owner)  summer cottage for dinner. Those in attendance included Michael and Lorraine Beaton, Hugh & Rosemary, Our hosts (all from Antigonish and GMC owners) plus our rally members ,Sandra Shull from Seattle, Glenn and Darlene Gregory from Thunder Bay and Sharon and myself.  After a wonderful meal I pulled out the laptop and showed them pics of many of the GMC owners they only knew via the GMC net, such as James Hupy, Gerry Work, Dan Winchester, Dan Borlase, Dick Patterson, Bob Horton, Bruce Hislop, John Bell, Les Burt.  These guys found out that they had to be on their best behaviour when I was around with the camera.
The next morning Allen Armsworthy came over to greet us and give us additional information for travel in Cape Breton and Newfoundland.  Sandi, Glenn and ourselves headed to  PEI.  We crossed that looooong Confederation Bridge and drove straight (with many ups and downs and twists - to Cavendish where we set up camp then headed into the nearby restaurant for a Lobster dinner.  Next morning we toured Anne of Green Gables - Avonlea.  The country side is beautiful, lots of potato fields, red soil, corn, and then more potato fields. We spent the night in a great Provincial camp ground located close to the ferry terminal.  That afternoon and into the evening it poured. Fog in the morning and more rain.  Got on the Ferry back to Nova Scotia and headed for Cape Breton Island.  We dropped 2 of the coaches off at the Red Barn parking lot and boarded Glenn and Darlene's coach.  I believe we made History.  How?  well there were 5 adults and 2 dogs but that's not all.  They had removed some seats prior to the trip to make room for supplies and the dog. The History making event is Sharon and I did the Cabot Trail in Lawn Chairs!   Glenn had difficulty making some of the grades and it wasn't until we were in Newfoundland that he found the problem in his electric fuel pump.  Thus this was replaced.  It would have been a lot better had it worked right, however the trip was made and we were now on our way to the Ferry Terminal for the trip to New Foundland.  I will pick it up from there at a later time.
Dwayne and Sharon Jacobson - White Rock, BC  77 Kingsley
Sandra Shull - Seattle in a 76 - 23ft
Glenn and Darlene Gregory - Thunder Bay, Ont 76 Glenbrook

post #3

We are now sitting in a Tim Hortons in St. Anthony,NLAfter arriving early Saturday morning on the Island of NewFoundland we were all tired and sore from trying to get some hut eye on those not so comfortable reclining chairs on the ferry. We were told to be at the ferry terminal by 8:30pm for the 10:30 departure. Well after patiently waiting until 1am we were finally underway. Ride was smooth. Arrived and drove to Deer Lake and set up camp for the night. ON the way Glenn had problems climbing the hills - so he stopped and changed the coil and module, but stll not the fix needed. He stopped again in the parking lot of the Ski Hill resort and changed out his electric fuel pump and walla - resolved. Sunday we drove up to Gros Morne - Western pond and hiked in the 3K then boarded the boat for a 2 hr ride up into the spectacluar fjord. Waterfalls, awesome rock cliff formations and a strong headwind. ON the return to the dock the winds picked up resulting in 3 to 4 ft swells. Just before docking both Darlene and Sharon (who were standing outside) got soaked - skin deep. Again on the road to Cow Head to our campsite. That evening we had a meal at the local motel/hotel then to the Theatre for a live play. Monday we were on the road again headed to L'anse aux Meadows for the Viking exhibit - awesome. we have rain all the way but when we arrived at the site the rain subsided enough for us to enjoin the grounds tour. Next was a trip into St. Anthony's for dinner. Sandi decided not to join us for dinner and headed back to the RV campsite. we finished dinner, gassed up and headed to the campsite only to find Sandi stuck on the roadside. She could get it started but when power was needed it would quit. She was able to pull into a buildig supply parking lot and spent the night there. Glenn and I along with our wives and Cooper spent the night in the campsite. Rained all night and continues even now. Presently we are waiting for a tow truck to haul her coach to a local garage. We figure the problem is with fuel supply. So it looks like we will be here in St. Anthony's for a while. OUr plans are to head back down the Island. The local weather reports several areas flooded on the west side (which we will be travelling on) and s\t.John's hit with some roof being lifted off. Hear that Nova Scotia got hit hard with flooding. Our plans are to return to Nova scotia on Saturday arriving in Nova Scotia Sunday Morning.

Happy trails to you until we meet again (Name that tune)