Currently Dwayne and Sharon have made their way to Ontario... only a tire, water pump and fuel pump later! they are travelling OLD school in their GMC 1977 Motorhome! there is a caravan with them and different GMC reto-lovers are joining them on different stages of their journey... they are having a great time and I would love to be a fly on the wall at different times as my mom tries to navigate and my dad tries to tell her how to navigate and drive at the same time! good times people good times...phew just had a flash back of family trips from my childhood I might require more therapy :) My dad has been taking pictures and making notes as they are looking forward to blogging about their trip, their challenge being finding wifi long enough to send anything to me, if you haven't guessed I am Lise their youngest daughter who is running the show here in their absence ( I accept boxes of wine and flowers in gestures of sympathy hehe ) ... but they will send it as soon as they possibly can!

Thank you all for checking in and stay tuned for more!