yesterday we rolled into West Montreal and greeted by John Bell. Again it's so great meeting those you only knew from this net.It's like going from single dimensional to 3 D. John will be here shortly to guie us into Monreal. We spend another night here before heading to Quebec City where we spend 2 nights. Had trouble booking campsites due to the Labour Day Weekend and Madonna performing on the Plains of Abraham in old Quebec City. All 3 coaches are performing well. I finally tied down Sandi's 2 bikes to keep them from swaying (one of the causes of her coach wiggling down the road) When at Dick Patersons he adjusted my carb (the secondaries were not opening at all) and did some work on my choke. I find in the morning startup the motor runs rough and blows a lot of black smoke. Once it warms up all is fine. Sure has a lot more get up and go on hills. Last night we had another great meal on our combined picnic tables. We have our daughrter Shannon, her husbad Dave and 4 (our grandchildren) travelling along with us until tomorrow morning. Have 2 sleeping in our coach and the rest in their tent. Well as the song goes "On the Road again" Regards dwayne & Sharon Jacobson White Rock Across Canada Rolling Rally. Not to late to join us at some segment. 77 Kingsley Travelled about 4500 miles so far. Using 91 grade gas (one place it was $1.73 per litre) haven't tallied MPG yet. Added 3 quarts of oil.