This trip so far has been rich in developing new friendships, seeing how beautiful this country is, sharing awesome meals together, helping each other with mechanical adjustments, laughing, winery tours, historical tours and so much more.What started out from White Rock with 12 coaches into Whistler, braving the 13% grades (more than one) on the trip between Whistler to Boston Bar where Kim and Patricia welcomed us. Many descended into Hell's Canyon with trepidation. Our Stop in Hope where Sandi had her muffler changed plus spent a night there for distributor work. Our fuel pump spouted fuel in Boston Bar and a fast run to Hope in the hope of finding a fuel filter there, however Dan Borlase came to the rescue with a spare. Great help from Arnie and others and we were back in business. Next stop was Kelowna under Dan and Judy's care. 2 days of dry camping on a farmers field. We were joined by 2 other gmc owners. After a wonderful winery tour we sat down to a corn roast then the delightful entertainment provided by the farm family (not sure exactly how many members but at least 16 playing stringed instruments aged between 6 and 65. It was truly wonderful. After saying goodbye's 3 of us headed north - Jim & Judy, Sandi and ourselves driving right into Jasper. A long haul and least to say we were all tired. We did stop for a photo shoot at Mount Robson Park. Our reso for a campsite wasn't until the next day so finding a place to sleep was a challenge. Next morning Jim discovered his fuel pump was pouring gas not only through it but out of it. I was filling at $100 while Jim filled $150 worth. We could not locate a pump anywhere within a 6 hour drive one way, so Jim set out to do a temporary mend and the Teflon on the plug held until we got to Carol Grays in Calgary where we changed it. We made several stops between Jasper and Lake Louise. The first one was stunning - Athabaska Falls - this one is worth the stop - even have pictures of a rainbow over our heads. when we get the photo's loaded you'll see how heavenly we are. Lake Louise was delightful then onto Banff where we were greeted by Gordon and Luci and found another new GMC owner from Lacombe Alberta camped there - Bob MacLeod. He had bought what was a transmode and used as a travelling Library then converted. The first day we took the gondola up Sulphur Mountain then walked the town shopping area. A so so meal at the Spaghetti Factory then back to camp. Now on our way to Calgary and stopped at Carol's house to do the fuel filter changeover. The ladies did the laundry. On the road again to Drumheller arriving in a downpour but did get there in time to enjoy the Dinosaur Museum - a must stop. Next day we drove into Saskatoon and set up camp in the Gordon Hull Campsite. We arrived with time to go to the Saskatoon Berry Barn Restaurant. A lovely setting and full of items related to Saskatoon Berries. We tried the perogies and Borscht and ended with Saskatoon Berry Pie - Although I was excited to bring eveyone there the meal results were much less than expected. I will be doing a food blog an report on this later. The next morning we took in the cultural museum which was great. On the rad again. . . this time to Yorkton for a night and the next morning we said goodbye to Carol, and we headed to Brandon where we were greeted by Bob and Jean Horton. It was there I changed one rear tire that now had thread showing. Next stop was in Portage la Prairie and onward from there to Dryden where we camped for the night. Next day to Thunder Bay where we were welcomed by Glenn and his side kick (wife) Darlene. Darlene was runing out to the street snapping photo's of our 3 coaches as we entered their yard to our campsite in the rear. They welcomed us into their home, some used their shower, then they fed us. WOW! such a warm loving couple. We then found out they had decided to join us. The next day we toured Fort William - what a great historical site. A few of us went canoeing, Jim and I threw axes (he was better at it - I think from te experience of throwing tools around) then went to a roadhouse restaurant for a great lunch and back to camp. The next morinng we stopped at the Terry Fox memorial before carrying on east around Lake Superior. Will continue later. . . . now in Quebec City and going into the Old city to tour.