We are now sitting in a Tim Hortons in St. Anthony,NLAfter arriving early Saturday morning on the Island of NewFoundland we were all tired and sore from trying to get some hut eye on those not so comfortable reclining chairs on the ferry. We were told to be at the ferry terminal by 8:30pm for the 10:30 departure. Well after patiently waiting until 1am we were finally underway. Ride was smooth. Arrived and drove to Deer Lake and set up camp for the night. ON the way Glenn had problems climbing the hills - so he stopped and changed the coil and module, but stll not the fix needed. He stopped again in the parking lot of the Ski Hill resort and changed out his electric fuel pump and walla - resolved. Sunday we drove up to Gros Morne - Western pond and hiked in the 3K then boarded the boat for a 2 hr ride up into the spectacluar fjord. Waterfalls, awesome rock cliff formations and a strong headwind. ON the return to the dock the winds picked up resulting in 3 to 4 ft swells. Just before docking both Darlene and Sharon (who were standing outside) got soaked - skin deep. Again on the road to Cow Head to our campsite. That evening we had a meal at the local motel/hotel then to the Theatre for a live play. Monday we were on the road again headed to L'anse aux Meadows for the Viking exhibit - awesome. we have rain all the way but when we arrived at the site the rain subsided enough for us to enjoin the grounds tour. Next was a trip into St. Anthony's for dinner. Sandi decided not to join us for dinner and headed back to the RV campsite. we finished dinner, gassed up and headed to the campsite only to find Sandi stuck on the roadside. She could get it started but when power was needed it would quit. She was able to pull into a buildig supply parking lot and spent the night there. Glenn and I along with our wives and Cooper spent the night in the campsite. Rained all night and continues even now. Presently we are waiting for a tow truck to haul her coach to a local garage. We figure the problem is with fuel supply. So it looks like we will be here in St. Anthony's for a while. OUr plans are to head back down the Island. The local weather reports several areas flooded on the west side (which we will be travelling on) and s\t.John's hit with some roof being lifted off. Hear that Nova Scotia got hit hard with flooding. Our plans are to return to Nova scotia on Saturday arriving in Nova Scotia Sunday Morning.

Happy trails to you until we meet again (Name that tune)