I must state that there was a stirring in my inner man about getting into the Maritime.  Sharon and I both look forward to it not knowing really what it would be like, however we both did have some preconceived ideas of what it was like, gathered from advertising brochures, TV stories, the Internet and friends who had been there.  We are so glad we did experience some of the culture, environment and best of all, the people.  We met such wonderful people, developed friendships that we look forward to sharing in the future.  A special Thank You to Mr. Black who put together the Black List, and those who set up up the GMC Net and maintain it.  These sources put us in touch with remarkable individuals, their spouses and families. They took us in and treated us as close friends, opened their homes, fed us, helped do maintenance work on the coaches, sourced our itineraries, guided us, allowed us to camp on their property and some even spent time rolling along with us.
The GMC family is a great family to belong to!
For those we met along the journey in other parts of Canada, you too fit right in the same limelight.  Thank you.
We left Quebec City the morning of September 2nd.  We were short of groceries but being Labour Day all stores were closed - even into New Brunswick.  A stop in Hartland to drive our coaches through the longest covered bridge in the World then onto Woodstock to camp.  The next day we drove to Antigonish, right into the City and onto the College Campus while being chased by Hugh MacDougall. Hugh got us turned around and guided us to Michael and Lorraine Beaton's estate.  Wonderful welcome, talked about GMC's of course. I ran Sharon into town for a laundry turn while the others went to work on maintenance issues.  Michael coached Sandra doing a oil and oil filter change.  Glenn went abut to replace an axle boot but found the clamp had moved out of position.  That evening we piled into our coach and off to Richard and Alena Wilgenhof's (GMC owner)  summer cottage for dinner. Those in attendance included Michael and Lorraine Beaton, Hugh & Rosemary, Our hosts (all from Antigonish and GMC owners) plus our rally members ,Sandra Shull from Seattle, Glenn and Darlene Gregory from Thunder Bay and Sharon and myself.  After a wonderful meal I pulled out the laptop and showed them pics of many of the GMC owners they only knew via the GMC net, such as James Hupy, Gerry Work, Dan Winchester, Dan Borlase, Dick Patterson, Bob Horton, Bruce Hislop, John Bell, Les Burt.  These guys found out that they had to be on their best behaviour when I was around with the camera.
The next morning Allen Armsworthy came over to greet us and give us additional information for travel in Cape Breton and Newfoundland.  Sandi, Glenn and ourselves headed to  PEI.  We crossed that looooong Confederation Bridge and drove straight (with many ups and downs and twists - to Cavendish where we set up camp then headed into the nearby restaurant for a Lobster dinner.  Next morning we toured Anne of Green Gables - Avonlea.  The country side is beautiful, lots of potato fields, red soil, corn, and then more potato fields. We spent the night in a great Provincial camp ground located close to the ferry terminal.  That afternoon and into the evening it poured. Fog in the morning and more rain.  Got on the Ferry back to Nova Scotia and headed for Cape Breton Island.  We dropped 2 of the coaches off at the Red Barn parking lot and boarded Glenn and Darlene's coach.  I believe we made History.  How?  well there were 5 adults and 2 dogs but that's not all.  They had removed some seats prior to the trip to make room for supplies and the dog. The History making event is Sharon and I did the Cabot Trail in Lawn Chairs!   Glenn had difficulty making some of the grades and it wasn't until we were in Newfoundland that he found the problem in his electric fuel pump.  Thus this was replaced.  It would have been a lot better had it worked right, however the trip was made and we were now on our way to the Ferry Terminal for the trip to New Foundland.  I will pick it up from there at a later time.
Dwayne and Sharon Jacobson - White Rock, BC  77 Kingsley
Sandra Shull - Seattle in a 76 - 23ft
Glenn and Darlene Gregory - Thunder Bay, Ont 76 Glenbrook