This report covers out time in Newfoundland, return to Nova Scotia and New BrunswickThank you for all those who help make this a wonderful experience for Sharon and I.  I hope we have been a blessing to you as well. Thank you

I am writing this while camped in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. having driven here today from Gettysburg where we spent 2 days.  It was there that I discovered no fluid in the master brake cylinder serving the rear brakes.  I imagine I had been driving the last few thousand miles with only front brakes. Well all 4 rear received new seals, riveted shoes, wheel cylinders and bearings greased.  The parking brake does nothing. What a difference. And to think back to driving some of those hills, city streets, the Bronx, New York . . . . . . . . .

Across Canada Rolling Rally – Last leg in Canada

We finally boarded the overnight ferry (the short northerly route) to Newfoundland. Warning – if you are going on the overnight one make sure to book a state room well ahead of your sailing date.  The reclining seats only partially recline and not far enough to be comfortable for sleeping.  The cost for this ferry and the return one (Longer route) was just over $1000.00 for our 26 ft coach, 2 passengers, reclining seats on the shorter route (6hr) and a state room on the long route 16 hr).

We stopped in Corner Brook for some brake fluid. Coming into the plaza I spotted what I thought was a guy I know from White Rock.  I run after him, calling his name and whistling.  He stops his rented RV and looks at me with surprise written all over his face.  Soon his wife comes out from the store and again the surprise effect.  They tell us of their ventures on the Island sharing places that are a must see.

We arrive in our Deer Lake campsite for the first evening.  Stopped next morning in Rocky Point to buy tickets for the Boat cruise in Western Pond in Gros Morne Nat’l Park and headed for it.  Sandy decided not to join the Gregory’s and ourselves and went on to Cow Head where she would secure a campsite for us plus buy tickets to the evening live play.

Western Pond – to get there you hike in approx 3 km.  The boat holds about 50, and it was full. The trip into the Fjord was fairly smooth, bits of wind and the odd wave coming aboard.  A beautiful scenic  tour.  High rock cliffs on both sides, waterfalls cascading down the rock face in several locations.  Roughly a

1 ½ hr one way ride.  On the return the wind had increased and swells of 3 to 4 ft occurring with many

Leaping on board soaking those on deck.  Both Darlene and Sharon got soaked just before we docked.  A delightful tour and recommend it to those who visit the Island.


It was a wet night in Cow Head and a entertaining play by 2 local actors.  The next morning we headed north on the Viking Trail arriving at the tip of the Island where we toured the Museum and grounds of where the Vikings landed 400 yrs before Columbus.  This is very well presented and worth the trip.

For the evening we headed into St. Anthony’s, ate at a local restaurant (OK) (Sandra did not join us but decided to head to our campsite.  She got about ½ mile and her coach quit on her.  Start, run a bit then quit.  We found her by the side of the road and tried to figure out what the problem was.  She spent the night there in a parking lot and the next day had it towed to a local garage that discovered after 2hrs that it was a dirty fuel filter (one by the carb.).  We in the meantime did some shopping and a lunch out by the Lighthouse.  Had Cod Cakes and beans, excellent!


It took us a couple days to get into St. John’s and stayed in the RV park located in the city.  Darlene and Sharon walked  to the downtown waterfront and got Screech –in  at Trapper John’s.  Glenn and I spend a day and half caulking the coaches.  We finally made it down to the waterfront in our coach and found parking and our wives, walked around the waterfront area and had a meal.  Finding our way back home was a bit of trial and error.

The next day we made our way to the ferry that took us back to Nova Scotia.

We very much enjoyed Newfoundland however the architecture I had envisioned was not there having been replaced with a coating of Vinyl Siding.  I realize the homes would now be better insulated and comfortable but I would have liked to have seen more thought go into the selection of materials and colours.


Back in Nova Scotia we were met by Hugh and Rosemary Macdougall driving their 78 Palm Beach.

They joined us as guides to Peggy’s Cove where we camped.  From there we toured Peggy’s Cove,

Part of the cottage coast line and Halifax.  We took in a great tour of the Alexander Keith Brewery, shopped, and ate some more great seafood chowder.  We continued together to Lunenburg where we were joined by Corwin and Rose Marie Hirtle of Bridgewater in their 77 Hughes GMC 2600.  We spent the day touring the waterfront, shops, café’s, horse and buggy ride and viewing the work in progress of the Blue Nose.  That evening we shared a lovely campsite meal together.  It really was delightful spending the time with these two couples.  Hopefully we will meet again and enjoy more time together.

After saying our – until we meet again – we headed for the Digby Ferry that would take us on a 3 ½ hr trip in the Bay of Fundy to Saint John, NB.

Upon arrival in NB we followed the GPS plus phone instructions to Adam Raeburn’s residence where we

spent  the night camped

in their front driveway.  What a wonderful family.  Our time there was short but enough to see the many projects Adam has done, underway, starting and dreaming of.

Our last stop in NB was St. Andrews by the Sea.  Visited the street market where we tasted the local fare, I had my hair cut, the dogs got their exercise and then we were off to the USA.

That ended the trip in Canada.  I highly recommend you do it at least once.


Dwayne & Sharon Jacobson   White Rock, BC  77 Kingsley

Glenn & Darlene Gregory  Thunder Bay, Ont.  76 Glenbrook

Sandra Shull  Seattle, Wash  76 23 ft.