Sharon and I presently are on the Cruise out of Galveston. Our travel from the Maritimes to Galveston had many wonderful experiences.

Maine offered beautiful small towns and seaside resorts.  It was here that Sandra left us and headed west.  Not sure where she is now but she has no problem travelling alone (well not completely - she has Lacey with her) and no problem meeting people. Glenn and Darlene Gregory of Thunder Bay and ourselves carry on in tandem. New Hampshire - again beautiful scenery and a before you know it you've gone through it.

Massachusetts - We drove into Boston and walked around the Freedom trail, had lunch at Dick's then on the road again but this time to Cap Cod and an overnight stay close to the beach.  Absolutely Beautiful.  The girls (Sharon and Darlene) and Cooper tried out the water in Cap Cod Bay. The next day we stopped in Providence for lunch.  Delightful old city.

Connecticut - also offered beautiful scenery and drove right on our way to the RV camp site in Jersey City.

New York - Well both Glenn and myself, fully reliant on the GPS, found ourselves driving on a road that soon became restricted to vehicles as high as ours. We turn off and find ourselves in the Bronx, dodging traffic and train trestle structures. After what seemed like hours we were on 3rd avenue which became Park Avenue, a trip through the arched opening in the Met Life building onto a raised roadway leading us down onto Broadway Ave amongst hundreds of yellow cabs - rush hour traffic - and no where to turn off (side streets read "Cars Only" ) - By now we have spent close to 2 hours in New York Traffic on streets restricting RV's - Glenn following me went through several red lights in order to stay right behind.  Police were in sight of several of his infractions but did nothing. We get to the entrance of Holland Tunnel and see the sign "NO CAMPERS _ NO PROPANE" and there's a police officer just to the left of us. We both hop out of our coaches and turn our propane tanks off.  The cop leaves his car and walks across in front of us into a small building - not looking back at all.  We proceed through the tunnel to Jersey City - get into the camp site and flop - recounting the just finished journey.

New York - we take the sub into the city delivering us at Ground Zero.  We tour the site - very very interesting. Next we take a sub to Times Square and walk around gazing at the billboards and people.  Lunch then a walk to Central Park where we take a horse and buggy tour of the Park. Wow!  much bigger than ever imagined and so much going on inside. This is a DO NOT MISS this part of the City.  We head back to our Jersey site then take a very long walk to the waterfront looking over at New York skyline , Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty.  Then a long walk to a Cuban restaurant for a delightful meal.  It has been 2 very full days. New Jersey to Gettysburg where we camped and then toured the Battlefield the next day.  I found my rear brakes were failing and spent that night camped in the rear parking lot of the Brake shop.  We spent more time touring Gettysburg while waiting for the finished work on the coach.  Work done around 4;30 pm then on the road again.

West Virginia - beautiful rolling hills - run into a thunderstorm that almost stops all traffic.

Pigeon Forge, Tenn. - we camp here for 2 nights - spend a good part of the day in Dolly wood and take in the Dolly wood Stampede show. All very enjoyable.  Do a window shopping walk around the town in Gatlinburg before on the road to Nashville. We arrive in Nashville Sunday to find no Grand Ole Opry until Tuesday - so we miss it but head down town to dine and listen to those wanting to make it in the music business.  Make a stop at Coyote Ugly - and although the servers may be pretty the place is downright Ugly.  After several other stops we head back to camp to rest our bodies. Leaving Nashville we take a secondary road that takes us through residential (estate) neighbourhoods and small towns, countryside - very scenic and much better than on the free-ways.  We are headed for Harvest, Alabama where Glenn has a generator door waiting.  We arrive at Kerry's place where I swap the rear 2 right tires (one is wearing too much on the outer edge).  We look over Kerry's handiwork in formed aluminium.  Amazing work.  A heavy rain downfall then sunshine.  We are on our way again headed for New Orleans. Walmart - here we spend our first night dry camping in their parking lot. OK except for the garbage truck at 4am.

New Orleans:  we find a lovely camp site at a marina and tour the French Quarters, find a free outdoor music fest in the Financial portion of the City then walk another 1/2 mile to a Cajun Dine and Dance restaurant.  Great food, music and fun dancing. Swamp Tour - the final day we are together we take a Swamp tour - where we get to see more than a dozen 5 to 6 year old alligator's, some turtles, Birds, and an Armadillo.  Nice trip.  A lunch together then we say our good byes with Glenn and Darlene headed East to Florida and ourselves West to Galveston. Our time with Glenn, Darlene and Cooper has been rich.  We have loved their company, humour,  cook off's, crib games, tours and relaxing times.

Galveston Island.  We take the trip from the east that takes us across to the island by ferry.  We find a camp site on the far west end of the Island where they allow us to store the Coach - plugged in,  while we cruise.  We spent Saturday driving around Galveston, walking the beach and having lunch at a beach side restaurant.  Awesome beach that goes for miles and miles. The owners have built this camp site up over the past 7 years to include, a pond with fountain, a mini-golf game, outdoor theatre  horse back riding, tame ducks, palm trees, full service with picnic benches. To add to all this they drove us to the cruise ship terminal and will also pick us up next Sunday morning.
We have travelled more than 10,000 miles so far. -- Dwayne and Sharon Jacobson White Rock BC 77 Kingsley