The Roadhouse is in my DNA ... I think it's pretty safe to say that it's my second home! and so when Paul proposed and we started planning our wedding I knew there was no other place I wanted the Reception to be other then here at the Roadhouse. 130 of our closest friend and family... some family  travelled very far to be here with us! joined us as we celebrated our New Beginnings together as Mr and Mrs Houweling.  I never imagined that I would make a second trip down the aisle and I never imagined that there was a man as kind gentle loving and overall amazing as Paul but he continues to smash my "nevers" into a thousand wonderful pieces. My wedding day was perfect as the sun decided to come out and shine on us in a string of typical rainy days... it was amazing. The reception at the Roadhouse was exactly how we wanted it to be.. no head table.. no formal structure... just an evening of amazing company with delicious food (we had Prime Rib cuz honestly it IS the best in town) and had an absolute blast dancing (yes we can fit a dance floor in our retro room)... it was perfect.

Thank you to all who came and supported us and for those who couldn't be here but sent your love ... we are so blessed! We are so excited to be married and walking our new journey together, hand in hand, side by side... exactly where we know God wants us to be!