Recently the Peace Arch News, our local and amazing newspaper, asked me, Lise, and my husband Paul, if we would be willing to be interviewed for an article in their 2013 Wedding Showcase insert. They had seen a few pictures as my dad, Dwayne, was showing them off and they had wanted to do an article this year on a more "mature" bride...uh hem since I am 38 I now fall into that "mature" category! Paul and I agreed and viola Melissa S interviewed us separately and did an amazing job telling our story.

I feel so blessed and honoured not only to have met Paul and been given such a HUGE second chance at love I never thought I would have, but also by the emails and responses I have been receiving letting us know how our story inspired them and brings hope. I have to say that that really is what life is all about.. at least a big part of it! sharing our stories one with another and inspiring others through our trials and victories!

Thank you to the Peace Arch News and Melissa for sharing our story!

Paul and Lise wedding article