roadhousegrillecatering coconut prawns Last Saturday, July 20th.. we catered a wedding reception in a lovely couples back yard/house. They are a local couple who have found a second chance at love and since they got married abroad they wanted to celebrate at home with their friends and loved ones in a cozy laid back setting.. in their home! And what a setting it was!! unfortunately I was busy making the 150 jumbo Coconut Prawns and didn't take the chance to take pictures of how they decorated their back yard cuz it was simply beautiful! not over done.. cheery happy and very much a reflection of themselves!!

roadhousegrillecatering vegg in shot glasses

After first meeting with the Bride, Wendy, I knew that I was going to love working for her! she is a beautiful person and I was so thrilled when she accepted our quote/proposal! There is something so amazing about being a part of such a happy occasion!

roadhousegrillecatering smoked salmon mousse

When she told me her vision for her reception we started talking appetizers and doing things not the “norm”, no layout of ordinary veggie and fruit platters… so we came up with a menu with a twist to old faithful’s!! Instead of veggie platters we did a fresh assortment of vegg served in a shot glass with our home-made dip at the bottom!! guests didn’t have to awkwardly serve themselves and carry around a messy plate with dip slopping on their other foods :)

roadhousegrillecatering watermelon goat cheese

It's so much fun creating special and unique menus with our clients! This is one of the reasons we do not have a "set" catering menu! Basically if you can think it... we can create it! We are not limited to any menu's and having the talented creative staff that we have enables us to do pretty much anything!!

roadhousegrillecatering pulled pork

One tip when planning your wedding reception or 50th Wedding Anniversary.. whatever the occasion might be .. this is YOUR special day... pick the foods that YOU love!! don't worry about the gluten free :) or even allergy people I dare say!! (although it's good to know if people have deadly allergies so we can alert them!) there is always something they can eat and it's all about YOU!! trying to please everyone is a battle that is lost before it's even started!

Pick your favourite foods... pick a theme if that helps you narrow down your favourite foods! if you are like me you have too many to choose from :) and picking a theme such as "west coast" or "finger foods" will help you to narrow it down!

Most importantly enjoy your special day!! let those that you have hired do their job and just enjoy yourself!

Wishing Wendy and Terry a lifetime of happiness and joy! It was such a pleasure and honour, thank you for the opportunity! we loved catering your wedding reception!!

Lise and Roadhouse Staff!