In 2010/2011 The Roadhouse Companies hired a dynamic Director of Business Development ... a wonderful lady named Janice Martin! Janice brought a new and fresh perspective to the Roadhouse team! She is full of energy, positive energy, and takes challenges head on! She was encouraging to our Management Team and helped us make important changes and really step into our roles.

For me personally, ( I am Lise btw!)  she became a life long friend. She helped me to see things in my personal life that I couldn't see.... she was gentle yet assertive and how she helps guide people along in their personal lives she also does in business situations.

She is a genuine person and it's exciting watching her embark her business with the same gusto she lives her life!

Magnum Consulting Inc is her company in which she helps business find their footings, gives them tools and helps from sourcing the smallest details to landing large viable accounts and so much more!

Magnum is putting on a Lunch and Learn  coming up November 26th and you won't be disappointed! and it's free!!! how many things are free today? and you can add to your business and your own personal life!!! WIN WIN WIN situation!!