You might be asking yourself why should we consider the Roadhouse to Cater our next event? :0) and my answer would be ....... We simply LOVE what we do ... and it shows!

The menu is customised to your taste and your needs, no strict you must choose one of these options and no "we know best" attitudes. This is your event, your special day ... we want to prepare the foods that YOU want to serve!

Our food is prepared FRESH .... we will never serve a frozen vegetable .. E.V.E.R. we select fresh and local when we can and prepare it to our high standards that the Roadhouse Grille is known for. Our Executive Chef is simply amazing! Over 30 years experience and probably the nicest man you will ever meet. Young simply makes amazing food that transports well and never disappoints!

roadhousegrillecatering coconut prawns

Service is part of our DNA, our catering staff love to serve and again it shows! We love watching couples celebrate at their Wedding Receptions, kiss at their 50th Wedding Anniversaries and carry ourselves with dignity and respect at Celebration of Live's. We are professional and yet very personal and easy to work with.

Our prices, we offer very competitive pricing! Have a strict budget? let us work with you to come up with a menu/options that fit perfectly into your budget! We do NOT charge an auto gratuity, and I think you will find that is rare!, we feel that a tip should be earned not expected! **(corporate functions excluded)

Combine all this together and you have a local family owned and operated South Surrey Restaurant that gives 150%.



Next time you are shopping for a caterer think Roadhouse Grille! We would love to meet with you and prepare a quote/proposal for you free of charge and tailor a menu special just for you!

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