Over the past couple of years we have catered quite a few weddings of all styles and sizes. Recently we catered a wedding in a local park and the menu was a Burger Bar!! this Sat (September 13/2014) we are catering another wedding at the same location and it too is a Burger Bar!! There really are no rules to Wedding Food! At least not any more!

What we are seeing trending is a way more relaxed casual approach to Wedding Receptions. Couples are not looking for the formal traditional aspects of a Wedding Reception and I think we all agree on good riddance to the nasty Fruit Cake!!

When I, Lise, meet with the Wedding couple to go over what they are wanting for their Reception I ask them the following questions:

Do you have a theme? ~ if you, the couple, are not sure what you are wanting for food  or even style wise try to think of a general theme.. then you can start narrowing it down and it really does help with all the options as there are so many to choose from these days! It is best to have a general idea before you meet with all the Wedding Professionals! I have spent a lot of time with couples who simply don't care how things go, and I mean they are so laid back that they really are not concerned with details, and I have met with couples that give me lists of their lists and they are consumed with the details. There is a balance in all of this and a good Professional will gently guide you along the way. I suggest relaxing a little about all the details, as at the end of the day if something doesn't go exactly according to the plan, it's ok!! cuz no one will have known the plan and be none the wiser!! Guests attending the Wedding are happy to be there, at least we hope so :) ... and are not going to chide the Wedding couple for a missed cue at the speeches or not having different wine glasses for red and white wine .. plastic cups maybe :) relax and plan the day for what YOU want it to be!! What are your favourite foods? ~ do not worry about accommodating everyone's diets or wishes, you simply are not going to please everyone 100% and honestly.. it's not their day nor are they paying for it :) cheeky maybe, but it's the truth, so take some pressure off! In fact take a lot of pressure off!

What is your budget? ~ it is a good idea to know this before meeting with your potential Caterer!! :) it is also good to be aware of what the general going rates are! A typical Wedding day for a caterer is at least a 12 hour day!! at least! and that is not including the prep time the day before nor the amount of organizational time. If you are budget conscious .. and really who isn't these days?! there are budget friendly options out there!

Speaking of budget friendly options .... we have one for you!! oh come on don't tell me you didn't see this coming :)

Here at the Roadhouse we have rooms that perfectly accommodate Boutique Wedding Receptions... and yes Boutique is a fancy word for smaller :) In our "Retro Dinning Room" we can hold up to 70 people and can hold up to 45 people in our "Deco Dinning Room".  From relaxed to sophisticated our rooms cater to all!

This is the best part ... our prices are affordable :) and our Prime Rib IS the best in town so hey!! the food is amazing! We will customize a menu with you just as we do when we cater off-site. We have tablecloths and candle holders and set the whole room up for you.. and it being in our restaurant that means we also clean it all up!! most halls you have to either remove your own garbage or pay up to $20/bag, it all adds up! There are a lot of savings to be had doing an in-house Special Event.

We really are a great alternative and not just Budget wise! Being a local family owned and operated Restaurant we have created a family feel environment with exquisite delicious food and quality service to ensure your Wedding Reception is FABULOUS!!

Call Lise today to set up a meeting 604-531-3167 or email lise@roadhousegrille.ca