Christmas 2014 santa and elves christmas 2014 santa and parentsThis past Monday evening we prepared the Turkey's and all the trimmings and used our special connections to bring in Santa early this year! This was our 3rd year working together with Avalon and Sources! For 7 years before that we worked together with the local Rotary Club and the Children's Development Centre.

We were prepared for 41 Adults and 60 Children this year! Presents bought and wrapped and volunteers organized to serve the Turkey Dinner.

This year is the most I, Lise,  have been involved with it .. cuz my parents, owners Dwayne and Sharon, went away for the weekend so it was left to me to buy the gifts for the kids on the list and organize the toys ... I had a list of names gender and ages... I found it a bit stressful! how was I supposed to know what the perfect gift would be for that kid? I didn't want any child to be disappointed!

Then as I was there cuz when I do something I like to follow it through to the end! and I wanted to make sure that no one was missed even though I checked the list twice! a 12 year old girl opened her gift of the game "apples to apples" and the entire family of 6 started screaming and bouncing up and down on their chairs ... the mom looked at me and said we have been wanting that game for 2 years now but it just wasn't in our budget!... ok I have had tight times but I have never been in a position where my kids wanted something like a $25 board game and I couldn't get it for them for 2 years!!.. a huge reality check! ... and I told her oh I am so glad you all like it!! the teens all had huge smiles on their faces... then a little while later the 15 year old girl opened her gift which was a $50 gift card to Walmart... the mom and dad started to cry... the mom jumped up and hugged me saying thank you thank you thank you thank you over and over and then said into my ear "that's my entire Christmas budget this year. I was just diagnosed with a brain tumour and I am dying" ... ok so now I was crying as well!

THIS is why we do this!!

It is better to GIVE then to receive!! a firm belief and foundation that the owners of the Roadhouse live by and an amazing thing to be a part of!

We also want to send a big thank you out to GFS who donated the Turkey's, Potatoes and Vegetable Melody this year!!! so THANK YOU!!!

Merry Christmas!