10154404_10152376323605953_6429646624620157443_n Dwayne, aka the Mayor, loves the Roadhouse! Along with his wife, Sharon, they have owned and operated the Roadhouse since 2002.

Someone recently said love and service describes Dwayne and Sharon, I can testify this is the truth ( I am their youngest daughter Lise).

The beginning of June Dwayne started to feel pressure in his abdomen and consequently had a hernia or so he thought.... a series of events and trips to the ER and tests and more tests led the Dr's to diagnose him with Stage 4 Mesothelioma the beginning of July.

He was given a month to live ... maybe.

Since then the search has been on for any way to help his body fight the cancer and the only hope that the Dr's have offered is a special HIPEC surgery ... he sees the surgeon on the 18th of this month. We are hoping that he is a good candidate for this surgery.

Of course Dwayne and Sharon being of great hope and Faith people they have been holding on to that Faith and their stand and believing for a miracle.

This faith is quite something to witness.

The love that has been pouring in has been so overwhelming. People that have known this couple over 40 years ago have been sending messages of prayer support and love. Customers and new friends have also been sending in their encouragements and love .. it is amazing to all of us this outpouring ... the simple fact is Dwayne (and Sharon) touched a lot of people's lives and the love being returned is heart warming for us all.

Dwayne with just some of his family October 2014

Currently Dwayne is at our local hospital receiving care and trying to not hate the food :)  ... we take him what food he wants and is able to eat so handy having access to a restaurant at this time for him ... he has developed blood clots in his lungs which is a side effect from the cancer. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight and after his first dose of chemo became quite dehydrated and so between that and his blood oxygen levels being low and now the blood clots he is staying in the hospital. He is scheduled for another round of chemo on the 21st... almost a week after the date he was given as an approximation to live.

Dwayne has a bit of a fight ahead of him still ... the surgery gives a 50% success rate while traditional chemo for this cancer is only a 2% success rate ... so we are hoping that he will be a strong candidate for this procedure and we know it won't be easy on his body. Up until the past few months he has been a very healthy 69 year old man.

Dwayne and Sharon in Oregon July 2015

Dwayne is a fighter!!

He is an example of strength and it is such an honour to be this man's daughter. I also have had the privilege of working him for many years! He loves the restaurant, loves the staff, loves being part of the community and loves the people that come in to the restaurant. He cares deeply and is generous to all. He designed the restaurant and the walls, decor and the treasure cave are ALL soooo much my dad! Everywhere you look in the restaurant you see Dwayne (and literally there is painting of him in the Atrium that a local artist surprised him with and donated to us.. you MUST check it out!).

In this battle he is in he is concerned about others... concerned about his roommate at the hospital that his visitors will disturb her, concerned that he is a burden to us, his family, having to take care and help him with pretty much all tasks right now,  ... he thinks of others before himself. He is so caring and loving!

My sister Shannon and I have been updating Facebook as much as we can on our own pages and there is a little  blurb on the Roadhouse Facebook Page as well. I will do my best to update here as I can and when there is new information to post.

Dwayne and Sharon and the rest of the family want to thank you all so much for all the love and support and the prayers! It truly has been amazing to be on the receiving end of all the love.

At this time it is hit and miss.. mostly miss.. as to visiting with Dwayne but if you would like to email him he would love to hear from you  dwayne.jacobson@gmail.com .... please do not expect a response but please know he will read it or it will be read to him. For now it is a lot for him to talk at times and he is easily tired so we are reserving his visits with family only for the most part!


Thank you thank you thank you again for making it so easy to be part of this community!