dwayne aug 2015 Dwayne and Sharon and their daughter Shannon, met with the Surgeon yesterday ... this was THE date that we were all hoping dad would make it too and was much anticipated.

The good news  - she was very encouraged by how Dwayne is doing. She was expecting him to be much worse based on the reports that she had received. This is very encouraging to us as a family .. he has now passed the "1 month - maybe" life expectancy.

The not so great news but not quite bad news :) .. keeping things as positive as we can!! - until the blood clots have cleared in his lungs there cannot be a surgery. He also has to endure more chemo treatments and each treatment must show a reduction in the size of the tumours. Currently he is still in local hospital and his Oncologist will not continue with the chemo until the blood clot issue in his lungs has resolved. So we are caught a little in a time where the clots really need to be cleared and GO AWAY! and then we need to get him home, get him fatter (he has lost at least 30 pounds in a very short period of time) and get him back into chemo. The good news is that the last round of chemo, which was his only so far, the tumours have seemed to shrink a little as the fluid build up has lessened ... this is encouraging and why we need him to be able to handle a few more rounds of the chemo.

Dwayne does read all his emails and messages and it is so encouraging to read so much love pouring in for him and our family.

Thank you all again so much!