Welcome to our New site!

Thank you for taking the time to read our website and this first blog post!

Here on our News Page is where we can be a little more interactive and let you know more about us and what’s NEW and why we do what we do... COME ON IN!

Let’s start with a few “Do You Know’s?”


Did you know that EVERY pot of coffee is made with fresh ground coffee beans from a local roaster?

We proudly serve Better Blends coffee and we grind the beans for every single pot as we make it .. this means our coffee is as fresh as it can possibly be! So not only is it fresh, it’s from a local family supplier and that just feels good .. feels good and tastes good .. WIN WIN!

Did you know that we do NOT have a deep fryer?

 our PanFries available everyday until 3:00pm

our PanFries available everyday until 3:00pm

We take pride that we create our meals as healthy as we can! So while some may mourn the absence of French fries on our menu!!!  we do have some healthier alternatives such as fresh, never frozen, roasted local potatoes!


Did you know that ALL of our soups are Gluten Free?

 our AWARD winning Borscht is not only Gluten Free but it is also Vegetarian as well

our AWARD winning Borscht is not only Gluten Free but it is also Vegetarian as well

While we do not have a separate GF menu, we have several choices for our Gluten Intolerant customers. Our soups are all made in house, from scratch and contain zero Gluten!! Many regular menu items may also be tailored for those with Allergy and GF preferences.
*** Please advise your server of any Allergies or Intolerances***

Did you know that we are opening up an extension of the Roadhouse?

It’s called the Roadhouse 2 Go and we are so excited to be providing some of our Roadhouse Favourites Fresh and Frozen to go!! Love our lasanga? Soon (hopefully Feb 2016) you will be able to pick up a frozen lasanga and cook it at your leisure
AND!!!!      Fresh made to order Artisanal Pizza on our new Stone Pizza Ovens!!

We are always looking at new ways to serve you… our favourite customer …. Thank you for making the Roadhouse Grille part of your community since 1997!!